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SHRI LAKSHMI NARAYANA ॐ Artist: Pariksit dasa Sri Krishna said: “That supreme abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon, nor by fire or electricity. Those who reach it never return to this material world.”~Bhagavad Gita as it is 15.6
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The appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene - Alexander Ivanov
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Château de Chantilly (Oise): le salon de Guise (petits appartements).
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Un Chien qui Rapporte (Jean Choux, 1931)
"Warm. Vibrant. She was fire and a riot of color. Sunset. Dark and seductive even as she was so very bright and bold."(via dirtydamsel)

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"When a human dies the Soul moves through the galaxy
trying to describe how the Body breathed, how it cried for its mother,
how a wound would heal given nothing but time.
Do you understand? Nothing in space ever believes.
No ray of light can fathom the speed of terror, the heat of shame,
a belly full of butterflies, the fingertips pulling that first gray hair
and throwing it away.
‘How could we possibly believe in goose bumps,’ the stars say.
‘How could we possibly believe?’"
Andrea Gibson - Blushing (via cerealboxshakespeare)

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by JesperHansen
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"I know that darkness
is born of light.
This is why I cannot
trust your beauty."
||  Maza-Dohta (via maza-dohta)

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